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There is an expectation that marriages should last forever.  The sad truth is that about half of all marriages fail for a variety of reasons.  We rarely receive any training for the complex human interaction called marriage.  Most of us have never been taught conflict resolution skills or communications skills, two essential tools for positive relationships.

If your relationship is in jeopardy, and you are considering ending your marriage, I can help you explore your options.  You may decide on the more traditional method of terminating your marriage and allow a Court to make the ultimate decisions in your case, when you and your spouse cannot agree, or you may decide to pursue alternative means of ending your relationship, like mediation or collaborative law.

My goals are to:

  • Provide my clients with a wide range of desirable processes for handling family law issues
  • Help my clients make well-informed choices about which process will best suit their specific needs
  • Help clients optimally use whatever dispute resolution process they select to satisfy their underlying interests, as well as the interests of their children and possibly others affected by their conflict
  • Produce fair and appropriate results

I have extensive experience in family law litigation, mediation and collaborative law proceedings.

Mediation and the collaborative law process are forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), where the parties identify, discuss and structure their own solutions for issues like divorce, custody, visitation, support, and property settlement. In mediation and collaborative law, the parties work together to come to mutually acceptable resolutions that take into consideration the best interests of parents and children. Mediation and collaborative law are excellent options for individuals who wish to amicably terminate a relationship or who expect substantial co-parenting interaction.

There are some cases that require litigation to resolve the issues.  Even though litigation is often a problematic method of dispute resolution and normally should be used as a last resort, there are some cases that require a Court to make decisions. If I cannot resolve your case informally without Court intervention, and litigation becomes necessary, I will zealously represent you in court and use my extensive family law experience to obtain the best result possible. Litigation carries many risks, and is generally very emotionally and financially draining.

If your dispute involves the custody of your children, a Court can make the decisions when you and your spouse cannot.  However, custody orders are generally wholly insufficient to meet children’s needs—they need responsive, stable post-separation family environments, which are usually non-existent after a lengthy custody battle.

The Law Office of Nikki Clark in Oakland, California will work with you to explore your available options as you face the dissolution of your marriage or other family law issue. 

The Law Office of Nikki Clark represents men and women in settlement-oriented divorce proceedings, from the initial filing through trial and post-judgment modifications, if necessary. If you are considering filing for divorce and have questions about what your rights will be, I can help.

If you have already filed or been served and need a skilled negotiator to work out an informal resolution of the issues, or to protect your interests in court, please give me a call. I handle all matters related to divorce, including custody, support, visitation, and property division.

Nikki Clark practices family law exclusively in Alameda County.  She mediates, litigates family law issues and represents spouses in collaborative divorces.  She helps individuals and couples resolve their legal issues in a fair and constructive way that benefits their children and preserves their personal and economic dignity.

Contact the law office of Nikki Clark today to schedule a consultation.